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The Parables of Jesus Christ Explained

by John Clowes

The parables of Jesus Christ in the New Testament are explained, and for each, a spiritual sense is given.
It is said in Matthew and Mark that Jesus Christ spoke nothing without a parable, from which we are plainly taught how important it is to understand the language of the parables in the Bible. The object of this book is that devout readers of the Holy Word may have an enlightened and spiritual discernment of the divine things contained in the parables of our Saviour God, in order that their minds may be more opened to receive and to love the things of heaven and eternal life.
Indeed, when viewed in a connected series, the gospel parables express and describe the whole process of regeneration, commencing with the first reception of Heavenly Truth from the Word, and advancing through all gradations of its growth to the full maturity of heavenly love and life.

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