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Discrete Degrees in Successive and Simultaneous Order

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Discrete Degrees
in Successive and Simultaneous Order

Illustrated by Color Diagrams

By N C Burnham,
Diagrams redrawn by I J Thompson

The whole natural universe is but a vast series of effects, produced under God from the whole spiritual world as a world of causes, each thing from its own cause. The natural body is formed by the spirit and is subordinate to it. The spirit is superior to the body and rests upon it as a house on its foundation.
Here is a detailed description of the stages of psychological growth of the human mind during its spiritual regeneration, along with the corresponding stages during the assumption and glorification of the Human by the Lord during His life on earth.

"Much has been written about the human mind, and yet nothing is known about its anatomy, or even that the mind has an anatomical structure of its own, other than the brain. Burnham's book (originally published in 1879) is unique in that it presents two dozen color charts of mental anatomy based on the observational descriptions made by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) during his 28 years of daily consciousness in the 'spiritual world' of the afterlife. Thanks to this book, immortality can now be considered a scientifically viable biological concept. The charts are presented in the context of Swedenborg's quantum description of discrete degrees that make up the universe, so that the book provides a definitive theoretical tie between physics and mental anatomy." - Dr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii. Author of the online Theistic Psychology Series

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